I Lost my Body/J’ai Perdu mon Corps

A well intentioned and deeply bizarre idea taken to another level. My personal favorite contender for Best Animated Feature Film, we have the French film I Lost my Body. A movie about a severed hand who goes around Paris looking for his owner while we simultaneously get the story of the rest of the body and how it came to be that the hand got lost. For the simplicity of the story and the complexity of the characters, I have nothing but praise for this movie.

The animation is mesmerizing, I couldn’t figure out exactly what animation style they were using and for a big portion of the movie it bothered me that I couldn’t figure it out. But anyway, the animation feels like partially classic drawings and partially digitally animated. It reminded me a little to “Loving Vincent”, like, of course, nothing “is” similar to “Loving Vincent”, but I found the art of the animation more artistic than anything made by Pixar or Disney this last year.

About the Story, I have to say that dark and kind of comical story of how the hand is trying to go home made me smile a few times, although most of the scenes are very uncomfortable and even sad they still made me smile and almost laugh because of how bizarre they were, specially the scene with the Pigeon and the rats. They made me want to look away because of how anxious I felt. It just proves that it can transport you to the feelings it is portraying, even if “it” is a severed hand.

The character development was just so perfect, you feel sorry for some and you hate others after they have been on screen a few seconds. They don’t need to tell you much about them in order to help you understand their story. You know their story because they are relatable and even if they might not live like you do, they have the story of someone you know.

I wouldn’t consider this a romantic movie, just like 500 Days of Summer isn’t romantic at all, it’s more like a movie that helps you find yourself, tries to explain your reason of being and what you get to be. It gives you another chance to see life from two characters who are figuring out what their life’s purpose is. I appreciate this, as you might now, I have a soft spot for movies that try to help you find your reason of being, some of my all time favorite movies have a similar plot (Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, 500 Days of Summer, etc.). I think that everyone can find something in these movies to help him overcome whatever he’s going through, be it a friend who’s sick or a relationship that was lost, or even a friend who struggles to find his place on this world. This is what I Lost my Body tells me, we all belong somewhere and we are missing out on everything until we find it, the hand was missing out on what happened to his owner the whole time it struggled to find him, and he finally felt “at home” when he found him. This is what life seems to be about.

I really hope this movie wins for Best Animated Feature Film, it deserves it, because it will become one of those movies that every time you watch it you feel moved again and again. Like Amelie, like Shawshank Redemption, a movie for our future.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this review. Tell me what you think about this movie? Keep in mind that this was my opinion, so feel free to let me know what your opinion is.

What should I review next? Tell me in the comment section below.

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