I am Mother

“I am Mother” a greedy Sci-Fi financed by the already well-known industry that makes your “real dreams” (or in this case nightmares) come true, Netflix. This movie breaks down your opinions about what is morally right or wrong, and really makes you question if we really are more of a plague than what we are host. But, is it really that deep, or did it promise more than what it had to offer?

I came across this movie on the Netflix platform when it came out. I was expecting anything from it since I hadn’t even heard anything. Maybe it was only me, but I had no expectations what so ever about what it was going to be about. This is something I love, when sometimes, just sometimes, you have absolutely no knowledge about what you will watch and you just let it surprise you. Well, this time, I was in for a treat.

I am Mother, directed by Grant Sputore, and if you don’t know who that is, well, welcome to the club. It has the chilling voice performance of Rose Byrne as Mother and Clara Rugaard-Larsen as the protagonist. From the get go, the actors list is not very well known, which by it self makes the movie a little iffy in the case of knowing what to expect, except for Rose Byrne, I didn’t know anyone else in the cast or directors’ seat. I love it when a studio gives some mostly unknown people the green lights to make something new. It gives the movie a breath of fresh air.  

Without telling you much, I want to mention that the whole first part of the movie is… interesting (in absence of more fitting words). Like I already mentioned you have absolutely no idea what to expect, but that’s not it, now you have to watch this robot raise a child and go through a whole story of growth, which, by itself is already pretty interestingly put. But it is difficult to understand what the real intention is, you don’t know if the robot is bad, or if there are other bad robots, you don’t know anything. It takes about forty minutes before you realize where this is going to. And that is all I will say about the plot, since from there the thriller part of the movie begins. (And this is not a spoiler since Google even credits the movie as a Drama/Thriller) From thereafter, everything becomes more involving and thrilling and emotional.

Now, if you want to know what I think about the ending and you would like to know what I meant by saying if “it is really deep, or only promised more than it had to offer” then stop reading from hear after, because there will be plenty of Spoilers, in fact, I am telling the end of the movie in the next paragraph.

Before getting into the main spoilers, I just need to say that I love what they did with the robot “Mother”, it almost feels, kind. The voice that they gave it gives it this very motherly sound, like if it really cares, it is convincing and manipulative. This makes the movie way more thrilling and chilling, since it makes you question if she really is well intentioned.

What is happening? Humans are alive? Why is the robot lying? These are the questions that come to your mind in the exact order as I quoted them. But the question that finishes this section is, “What was the point?” Now, let’s make clear that these are my opinions and you might have your own opinions as well. I consider that this robot, or “Mother” as it is, is not ignoring the fact that her “daughter” is a real problem to her mission. Now, we see at the end that all the robots are tied together and that mother is “controlling” everything. Well, yes, but no. Mother is not controlling everything, in fact if she would be controlling everything by shutting her down, everything would go down with her, which is, all the machines that work the fields, all the machines that work inside the building, everything. In my opinion, she let’s her daughter make the decision to kill her just to make sure if she is mature enough to understand why she did what she did. But, as we can see, humans are merely emotional beings and this is exactly what the robot was intending to see, if by any chance she could see this experiment as the new chance to start over again, but, well she didn’t.

So, you might be wondering, “if the robot is not dead than why did she let her daughter “Kill her”? Well, this way the robot can start again, she will kill the woman who ruined this whole project and after that, she will go kill her daughter and the new born brother. This way, she can prepare itself for a new attempt.

What did the daughter accomplish? Nothing, she is as good as dead, and this is why I don’t think this movie is a “happy ending” movie. It just didn’t finish. So, I think the movie left things unsaid to let us speculate what the ending is, and exactly because of this, I consider it to be as deep as it intends to. I think that if they would have “finished” the movie with something clearer, the whole purpose of the movie would have become, generic in a way. Leaving a cliffhanger is a way to say that “you are the one who decides how it really ends” which I do like, personally.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this review. Tell me what you think of this movie. What was your reaction? Keep in mind that this was my opinion, so feel free to let me know what your opinion is.

What should I review next? Tell me in the comment section below.

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