The Hateful Eight

Quentin Tarantino’s eight movie and third last of his catalog. After releasing his most successful movie, in my opinion, Django Unchained, Tarantino was not done with westerns. It seems like he wanted to continue with westerns but also with his long monologs and complex mysteries that take time to develop before twisting and turning to the point where one forgets where everything started again, and that is how we got The Hateful Eight.

First of all, this is a long movie, you need to be invested in Tarantino’s way of making films in order to enjoy this movie, specially since it starts off very slow and seems like it is not getting anywhere for a long time. For me, as a big fan of Tarantino’s whole catalog, it is a great joy watching all these actors performing the roll of their lives, you can tell that they love it, since they have to present themselves as hateful people, and you love every second of it. That seems to be something recurrent in his movies, since we normally have antagonists and bad guys as main characters, but that doesn’t change our opinion on the characters.

Anyway, this movie is based during a blizzard in Wyoming, by different reasons two bounty hunters, one man who claims to be a sheriff and a prisoner end up traveling together and end up staying at a stagecoach stopover on a mountain pass. All of them are trying to get to Red Rock for one or another reason. First thing you need to know is that this movie is based on post-Civil War, and also that one of the bounty hunters is also black, so, if you are easily offended or can’t take racism as part of the era where it is based on, this will not be a movie you will enjoy, on the other hand, if you are a person who really enjoys dark humor and does not mind racist comments or dark content and also like when movies just create an atmosphere of doubt and confusion, you might like this movie, be warned that this is an R rated movie exactly because of these reasons. I do not recommend it to anyone who is easily offended or that can’t stand offensive language and storytelling, same as excessive blood. With this in mind let me say that I totally understand why you would think that this is one of Tarantino’s weakest movies so far, specially when you have in mind that his previous movie was so filled with action and violence as Django Unchained, and even when that movie is a masterpiece of it’s genera, this movie aims to a different approach of a very similar time.

Trust me, this movie is glorious in many ways, but you need to give it time, especially since its best features are in the small details, that’s what makes me enjoy this movie so much. You need to watch it very carefully since you might miss something small that might make the ending feel non rewarding. You need to have an open mind and consider that not everything you watch has to be taken in a literal sense, since a lot of it has to be taken with a gram of salt. Try to understand the situation in which the characters are located, like the post war, the racial problems and the moral standards that they have, that will make this movie more enjoyable. But mostly, try to watch it with people who are willing to watch it in complete admiration, without distracting each other or constantly making comments as to why things are happening the way they are happening.

In my opinion, this isn’t Tarantino’s best movie, nor is in the top three, but it is from the best movies that came out that year. It shows the determination that the actors have for convincing everyone that they are real cowboys living during post war times. It really makes you question who is bad and who is worst than bad. You make your own opinions and tell me what you think and what you noticed that might have been worth mentioning.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this review. If you know me personally feel free to let me know what you thought about this post, I also appreciate if you leave a comment or a like. Feel free to follow my blog so that you can find out first hand when I post something new.

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