Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood

Quentin Tarantino’s ninth movie and second last of his catalog. A love letter to his loved city of stars L.A. and a film that will either make you love Tarantino’s work, or feel like it never went anywhere. It’s time to talk about the most anticipated movie of this year, in my opinion.

First of all, if you are not familiar with Tarantino’s filmography, I do not recommend you watch this movie. Even if it is beautifully made and in many cases is an experience that will make most people smile out of nostalgia (even the ones that never really lived during the time where the movie is set, it lives on with it’s films, Like Casablanca or Singing in the Rain), you will most likely have mixed emotions once you think about Tarantino. He is very versatile and his movies have a special spirit that makes them feel very unique, from his long monologs, to his incredible characters that even if you don’t like like them, you find them relatable, because they have conversations just like the ones you have with your friends, about things that you talk to your friends. This is what makes the movie special and unique.

Before I say much, let me warn you that, if you are a sensitive person and don’t like movies that have explicit language or violence, be warned that this movie has both. I don’t find necessary to explain more than just that since we are talking about Quentin Tarantino, and as most people know, he is known for his “over the top” violence scenes. Be warned.

Like I mentioned before, this movie feels like a love letter to old Los Angeles. Much to the ways of Hail Caesar from the Coen brothers, it revolves in the lives of an actor that is losing his shine, his best friend and stunt double and the year of 1969 (the year is a character of itself, if you ask me). I encourage everyone to watch this movie, but I won’t tell you that you will like it, or be a big fan of it, for it is not very conventional or appealing to what movies are right now, in 2019.

There are a few things that you need to know about this movie before watching, you have to know who Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski are, next to the case of “the Manson Family” and the Hippy revolution of the 60s and 70s. If you know nothing about these things, you are most likely going to be confused as to why some things are happening or why they are happening. Just a recommendation.

Now, to the movie, this movie is very simple, it doesn’t take long to catch up as to what is happening, but like most Tarantino movies, they won’t spend no time to explain to you who everyone is, they will go straight to the point. It is not lineal, which means that there are some times when the story jumps to the past in order to explain something. This gives the movie a special essence and makes it more entertaining, since most of the anecdotes that you might see, don’t really have to have happened the way that you see them on screen, much like when you remember something you did and you saw yourself as better than how you really were, this is what the director did with the story to make it funnier and entertaining. But I have to talk about the scenery, if there is one movie that you can re watch just because of how well are all the 1970s characteristics made, that has to be Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood, you can tell that they spent many hours into making everything look like back in the day. Actually, there are stories about how some people liked the façade so much that they asked the studio to leave it like that.

I don’t want to reveal much of the story or more exactly the details, because I find this movie to be all about the details. Like I said before, it doesn’t have a very complex story and the characters are fun to watch on their own. So, just go and watch it if you are a fan of two of Tarantino’s movies, and go watch it if you love every single one of his movies, just like me. You won’t regret watching this movie and I’m sure that it will become one of those movies that goes down in history as a fun relaxing movie.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this review. Tell me what you think of this movie. What was your reaction? I’m planning on reviewing with more spoilers some of the movies that I consider to have controversial content or complicated context, what do you think?

What should I review next? Tell me in the comment section below.

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