The informant!

Oh yes, if you know this movie and you are like me, then yes, this is the time to talk about Matt Damon’s Moustache. If you like movies that are funny even if they are not necessarily trying to be funny then “The Informant!” is your movie. This one is much easier to watch than the last two movies that I’ve reviewed but just as good.

Like always, I think it is important to note that even if the movie is rated R it is only for the fact that there are very few swearwords throughout the movie, if I’m not mistaken, like four or five. But you don’t need to worry for sexual content or nudity.

This movie is based in the 90’s, the beginning of computers and phones and big corporations fixing prices for their own benefit. Based on the true story behind the man Mark Whitacre, and by what I’ve read it seems like if it is pretty accurate.

Anyway, like always, to not spoil anything let’s just start with the plot. Mark Whitacre is a Biochemist who loves his wife, his children and his job, in a way. It isn’t until one day he finds out that something at his job isn’t working well, he tells his bosses and they make him fix it. Later on, he tells his boss that a Japanese business man knows what happened and knows who caused the problem but he wants money for it. His bosses decide to get the FBI involved, and the rest of it is hilariously intriguing. Based on a book by the same name, written by Kurt Eichenwald.

It is very entertaining how the movie plays out inside of Mark’s mind, you get to hear what he thinks, how he thinks and sometimes it is very random. My favorite moment of these is when he’s at a meeting and the people are talking about very important matters, while Mark starts to think about polar bears and seals while the voice of the people starts to fade away. He finishes the conversation with a “it is set then” when he obviously has no idea what he is talking about.

In my opinion this movie was under looked and probably underappreciated, but it is an enjoyable and funny. It also leaves a good message and does not become a waste of time like other comedies.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this review. Tell me what you think of this movie. What was your reaction?

What should I review next? Tell me in the comment section below.

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I'm a pretty cool introvert, I think. I like books, short stories, and coffee. I'm trying to start a blog where I can share my opinion on movies, sometimes I feel like some movies are popular even when they don't deserve it and sometimes I feel like people watch movies, just because it's the "popular must-watch of the weekend". I want to give fresh and authentic opinions from a place of wanting to help. I also enjoy writing short stories, maybe one of these days I'll write something that makes me so proud that I will share it with you guys but for now, I'll share my opinion on movies.

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