Yes, I will talk about this movie. No, I did not understand the ending, at first.

Welcomed to my new post, today I will talk about the infamous movie Enemy. I will do my best to not spoil anything. As some of you know, Enemy is a complex somewhat frustrating and weird in many ways. Despite what you have heard about this movie and if you like it or not, I will share my opinion.

Now I want to point some obvious elements of this movie, it is R rated wich means that there is some swearing and sexual content that is included here, so just a note. I do not consider that this is a movie to watch if you are looking for something chill and relaxing, or if you and your friends are looking for a movie to watch Saturday night. You have to give it your full attention and have an open mind, with no distractions. If you don’t like this kind of movies, don’t even watch it, you will be disappointed, it is not an easy movie to watch. If you like experimental, artful and complex movies, you will enjoy it very much.

Let’s start by simply praising Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance in this movie, he truly believes everything he does and plays two completely different characters in a very believable way. It convinces you of the guilt that he is feeling and of the depressing, monotonous life he lives. But shout out to Sarah Gadon, she plays a very important role in the movie and makes everything more real. These two make this movie truly memorable.

But now to the movie. This movie is somewhat of a trip, you have no idea what will happen or what is happening or what the story will be. You don’t know where the movie is going until like twenty minutes towards the end, but man, that changes your whole perspective on the movie. You get the rawest interpretations at first and when you finish the movie your interpretations start to make less sense. But that’s not a bad thing, it just means that the movie has done a right thing, it has captured your attention when it wasn’t supposed to. For example, we get four specific scenes with spiders (small spoiler), and they seem very random, even when you finish the movie, you still don’t know what they meant with the spiders, there’s also some very captivating scenes like when Adam speaks to Anthony’s wife for the first time and she can’t understand that it is someone else. (It is very difficult to not spoil anything about this movie and still reviewing it) The point is that it keeps you thrilled, even though you don’t really know what is exactly happening.

The movie tries to touch some very sensitive fields and does it very nicely. But it is up to you to decide to decide what they exactly are. Some of the most relevant for me are: how someone who is not loyal tries to find a way to justify his actions as to how to be unfaithful without suffering the consequences and also how someone who is afraid of commitment deals with his fears and reacts in a wrong way. This is why I think it is left to the audience to decide exactly what the point of the movie is, because I can talk about other things that might be more important to you than to me or vice versa. This is why this movie is truly brilliant, because it never tells you what its main purpose is.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this review, even if it is difficult to say anything without revealing anything important from the plot. Tell me what you think of this movie. What was your reaction?

What movie should I review next? Tell me in the comment section bellow.

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I'm a pretty cool introvert, I think. I like books, short stories, and coffee. I'm trying to start a blog where I can share my opinion on movies, sometimes I feel like some movies are popular even when they don't deserve it and sometimes I feel like people watch movies, just because it's the "popular must-watch of the weekend". I want to give fresh and authentic opinions from a place of wanting to help. I also enjoy writing short stories, maybe one of these days I'll write something that makes me so proud that I will share it with you guys but for now, I'll share my opinion on movies.

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