Hell or High Water

First of all, I just want to thank everyone for reading this. This is my first blog and I hope that you can enjoy it and learn. If you have opinions or ideas as to how I could improve than just let me know.

        Without further ado let me begin by saying that I am going to start with the most recent movie I have watched and probably one of my favorite ones. It took me a while to watch it because I never gave myself the time to do it but oh surprise, it turned out to be a whole experience. First thing’s first, I don’t want to write spoilers but I will have to mention a few things that might not count as spoilers but will cause you to know a little bit about the movie’s plot. 

        It is based on mid-Texas, at the present time. It might not look that way, but trust me, it’s just how Texas looks. The plot starts from the beginning on and you see what the movie will be about from the first two minutes, It’s about bank robbers. 

The first feeling I got from this movie was the same one I got when I first watched “No Country For Old Man” by the Coen Brothers, the feeling of watching a movie that is going to be a trip into questions and morals that might differ from yours. Even though both movies are modern Western movies, similar to the ones from the 50s and 60s, this one is easier to understand and not as complicated as NCFOM. 

        The characters are very well developed, they are three dimensional and more exciting than most movies. The fact that they are not full of drama and seem like normal mid-Texas people that you would meet just by visiting Midland or Lubbock gives you a feeling of watching a real story. From the Texas ranger portrayed by Jeff Bridges to the robber Chirs Pine, everyone feels organic in their character. 

        I would say that the thing that captivated me from the movie was the fact that it doesn’t seem synchronized, it makes everything seem organic and real. The conversations are fluent and natural with that hard and dry Texan accent. People are rude but nice, they don’t care about your feelings and they believe in the Fourth Amendment and everyone carries a weapon. 

But in my opinion what makes this movie unique is that it has its own story, something that is relatable. I won’t reveal anything from the plot because it makes you think and is what makes the movie special. 

        Last but not least, I appreciate how the movie makes you ask yourself what is right and what is wrong. You begin to question yourself if the end really justifies the means. When you watch it think about that, what would you really do for the course of your future generations to change their current estate?

Tell me what you think about this movie, what was your reaction?

What movie should I review next? Tell me in the comments.

Published by nationsofthe21stday

I'm a pretty cool introvert, I think. I like books, short stories, and coffee. I'm trying to start a blog where I can share my opinion on movies, sometimes I feel like some movies are popular even when they don't deserve it and sometimes I feel like people watch movies, just because it's the "popular must-watch of the weekend". I want to give fresh and authentic opinions from a place of wanting to help. I also enjoy writing short stories, maybe one of these days I'll write something that makes me so proud that I will share it with you guys but for now, I'll share my opinion on movies.

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